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Fast & Clean Repiping in Carlsbad

copper pipe
Just the mention of pipe replacement can be very intimidating to a home or business owner. At Coastal Plumbing Inc., we can attest that the decision to repipe can make a tremendous difference in water quality and drain performance. While we are always ready to repair existing residential and commercial systems, repiping may be the solution when pipes are corroded or when plumbing is over 20 years old. When it is time to replace existing materials, copper is an option worth considering. It keeps its integrity for many decades, is lead-free, and even prevents the growth of bacteria.

Long Lasting Durable Pipes in the San Marcos & Encinitas Areas

Refitting the pipes in a house or other property eliminates issues that can arise when old systems begin to erode. The zinc layer in traditional galvanized lines can break down, leaving the exterior metal to deteriorate. With a broken or burst pipe, you know immediately that there is a problem. Other signs that it may be time to repipe are:
  • Low water pressure
  • Yellow or off-color water
  • Bad-tasting water
  • Multiple leaks
  • Rust flakes in the aerator
  • Plumbing that is 20 years or older
In addition, corrosion at the drain site can result in sewage backup, resulting in a bad odor and the possibility of contamination.

Professional Service in the Del Mar & Solana Beach Areas

Coastal Plumbing Inc. of Carlsbad has over 20 years experience keeping drains and lines flowing smoothly in San Marcos, Encinitas, Del Mar and Solana Beach. We are the plumbing company to call for all jobs great and small. Don’t wait for a nuisance to become a disaster. Call us today at 760-720-2991.
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