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How to Tell If Your Gas Line Needs Repair

gas line repair
A gas leak in your home or business can be pretty scary. You have every reason for concern because it puts your property as well as the people on it in grave danger. Besides being highly combustible, natural gas displaces the amount of oxygen in the air due to its methane content, which can put everyone at risk for asphyxiation if not corrected immediately. That’s why you need to take immediate steps and call Coastal Plumbing Inc. for gas line repair in Carlsbad.

How to Detect a Leak and What to Do Next

Fortunately, there are ways you can detect a gas line leak. To help ensure your own safety as well as that of others around you, watch for the following signs:
  • a distinct sulfur odor, similar to rotten eggs;
  • hissing or blowing noises from pipes or appliances; or
  • open flames near lines or equipment.
Additionally, you may notice dead or discolored vegetation near a line or observe blowing dirt or bubbling from underneath the soil. If you see any of these symptoms, evacuate the property straightaway and take these additional steps:
  • Call your gas company or fire department
  • Avoid using any electrical devices (including cell phones)
  • Do not smoke or ignite flames of any kind
  • Avoid shutting off fuel supply or any appliances yourself

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After you’ve taken all these steps, call us at 760-720-2991 so we can assess any damage and begin the repair process. Depending on what our professionals find during inspection, we may opt to replace some or all of your lines. No matter if repiping is needed or if we must fix your existing pipes, we’ll happily give you full details of the work that’s required. If you also have plumbing issues, remember that we offer drain clearing services in Carlsbad, San Marcos, Encinitas, Del Mar and Solana Beach.
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