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3 Big Reasons Not to Ignore That Tiny Drip Under Your Sink


A tiny drip under your kitchen or bathroom sink might not seem like a big deal, especially if it's coming from a drain that leaks only while the faucet is on. But whether the problem is an occasional leak from a drain or a slow but steady drip coming from a water supply line, the end result is dampness under the sink.


2 Plumbing Upgrades and Their Possible Complications


Is it time to do a plumbing upgrade to your home? If so, you may think the job will be pretty straightforward. Know that there are always complications that can happen in the home renovation process, including issues with plumbing. Here are two plumbing upgrades you may be considering and the complications that can result from doing them.

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Eight Simple Rules for Using Your Garbage Disposal


A garbage disposal can be both a blessing and a curse. A garbage disposal certainly makes cleaning up after meals a lot easier, but if you're not careful, your use of it can lead to drain clogs and nasty odors in your kitchen. If you treat your garbage disposal well, it will treat you well in return. Follow these eight simple rules when using and caring for your garbage disposal.

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