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4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer When Aging in Place

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If you are planning on staying in your home and aging in place instead of moving into an assisted living facility or similar senior care facility, you will need to modify your home to make it a safe place as your physical needs change.
When making modifications to your home, your bathroom is the first place you should start. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous homes in your room. Accidents while bathing, showering, and even using the toilet are common.
As you age, you are more prone to experience slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents are preventable if you take the right steps, including the following.

1. Install a Curbless Shower

If you like to take showers, start by changing the style of your shower. A curbless shower has no barrier between the door and the floor. Instead of having to lift your feet up over a curb to step into the shower, you simply walk in. A curbless shower helps reduce the risk of tripping while getting in and out of the shower.
When you install a curbless shower, you can make it even easier to get in and out of by making it a walkin shower. With a walk-in shower, you don't have a door that you have to open and close to get in and out of the shower.
If you decide you would still like a door on your shower, make sure the door is broad enough to accommodate for a walker or wheelchair in the future.

2. Install a Walk-in Tub

If you are more of a bath person, you can modify your bathtub as well. A walk-in tub has a door you can walk through before sitting down. You don't have to lift yourself up and over the edge of the bathtub anymore.
Most walk-in tubs also offer other features that make taking a bath easier as you age. Many walk-in tubs include non-slip bottoms, grab bars on the side of the tub, as well as a seat so you can sit down normally without having to lower yourself all the way to the bottom of the tub.
Walk-in tubs can also include more advanced features to enhance your comfort, such as jets.

3. Add a Moveable Showerhead

As you age, you may not be able to move your body around the same way you could when you are younger to shower and clean yourself. You may even need some assistance in the shower.
Installing a moveable showerhead can allow you to move the water to where you need it instead of having to contort your body to where the water is at. If you need assistance with bathing in the future, a moveable showerhead can make it easier for someone to assist you.
A moveable showerhead is not just for the shower; you can install one in your bathtub as well.

4. Switch to a Chair-Height Toilet

Over time, it can become more difficult to sit all the way down on the toilet. Residential toilets are generally designed to be lower to the ground in order to accommodate children and individuals with smaller frames. Residential toilets are often lower than the height of most of the chairs in your home.
Make it easier to use the bathroom by switching to a chair-height toilet. A taller toilet means you don't have to travel as far when you need to sit down. A chair-height toilet is also more accessible to use with a walker or wheelchair; two types of mobility aids you may need as you age.
If you plan on aging in place, contact our team at Coastal Plumbing, Inc. We would be happy to help you modify your bathroom so that it remains a safe place for you as your physical needs change.