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3 Reasons to Replace Your Old Garbage Disposal

A bin full of garbage
Is your in-sink garbage disposal more of a nuisance than a helpful tool? It may be time to trade your old garbage disposal for a modern version. Here are three times when a garbage disposal change is warranted.

1. Your Disposal Is Aging

If your in-sink garbage disposal is 12 years old or older, it may be time to replace the unit with a new design. Not only will you get a fully functional disposal, a modern kitchen garbage disposal will have features the old model can't match.

Contemporary garbage disposals offer many advantages over their older relatives. New units aren't as loud, since they're designed with more refined grinding mechanisms and quieter motors. Late-model garbage disposals are also more energy efficient than older models.

Talk with your plumbing professional about the types of garbage disposals they install and service. They'll inspect your old appliance and offer suggestions on selecting the best new garbage disposal for your needs.

2. You Have Holiday Cooking to Tackle

Kitchen activity goes into overdrive as delicious seasonal meals and treats are created for family gatherings and celebrations. A working in-sink garbage disposal is a lifesaver during the scaled-up cooking sessions.

As sturdy as they may be, older-style garbage disposals won't tackle certain foods. If your garbage disposal can't keep up with your whirlwind cookie baking or gravy making, trade the appliance in for a brand new unit. The freshest garbage disposals on the market can tackle increased varieties of food items with ease.

Both your efficiency and your kitchen's sanitation are improved with a more capable garbage disposal. The ability to send more types of pulverized food down waste drains means less chance for bacteria and pests to feed on food scraps.

3. You Never Use the Garbage Disposal

Some people are afraid of the garbage disposal. However, there's nothing wrong with a healthy respect for the machine. If you've never owned or used a garbage disposal before, the appliance can seem daunting.

Some families avoid using their garbage disposals because they have small children. They fear their children will be harmed by accidentally placing a spoon or hand in the spinning disposal chamber. These families may have disconnected the appliance.

If you seldom or never use your continuous-feed garbage disposal out of worry or fear, ask your plumber to replace the appliance with a batch-feed garbage disposal. Batch-feed disposals don't run continuously when flipped on, but they process food in batches.

Batch-feed garbage disposals have a special safety feature which makes them especially attractive to parents. A batch-feed disposal only runs when the drain hole is covered. Because the garbage disposal will only run with its cover in place, children are safer, and random objects are less likely to get tossed into the chamber while it's running.

Batch-feed garbage disposals switch on by magnets or other devices when the covers are inserted into their drain openings. The grinders start pulverizing the collected batch of scraps in the chamber only after the unit recognizes that the plug and cover are firmly attached.

With a batch-feed garbage disposal, there are no switches on the wall to tempt young people or be mistaken for a light switch by guests. All of the beastly grinding takes place under cover. Batch-feed units are quieter than continuous-feed garbage disposals, too. The quieter operation is a boon when you have a sleeping infant or toddler in the house.

Replace your aging garbage disposal before the holidays in San Diego County by contacting Coastal Plumbing, Inc. today. Our family-owned business offers plumbing services to kitchens throughout the San Marco, Encinitas, and Carlsbad, California, regions.